Mission & Vision

Mission of the byway
The mission of Heritage Crossroads is to highlight the historic resources of Florida’s first Heritage Highway by promoting, enhancing and preserving the unique character of these resources and their place in Florida’s history. Through education and interpretation we will enhance the experience of visitors and the community’s appreciation of the region’s heritage.

Vision of the byway
The organization envisions a unique opportunity for the curious and adventurous to experience the byways of a region rich in history and potential. The 98-mile loop and spur route follows the ongoing story of exploration and colonization that began 12,000 years ago and continues today. The Heritage Crossroads corridor is a key component of the “Southern Passages: the Atlantic Coast,” an emerging National Heritage Area (NHA) that roughly traces the original Kings Road of the 1700s that begins to the south at New Smyrna Beach, Florida with a northern limit that continues past the Georgia terminus north to Georgetown, South Carolina.

Agricultural activities such as potato and cabbage farming, timber and citrus, horse and cattle ranching co-exist with an expanding community of diverse and cosmopolitan residents in this region. The extensive water resources, both fresh and salt, provide recreational and commercial prospects for residents and visitors.

Exploration, documentation and preservation of unique archaeological and historical sites in the area are ongoing, assuring these historical treasures are a current and future part of the cultural richness of the area. The Heritage Crossroads corridor is the ribbon that ties together these unique attributes.

These historically significant components will be brought together as part of the Heritage Crossroads corridor to visually enhance the human spirit with the unique stories and connections with nature. The crossroads will wed the past with the present and serve as an example for understanding and appreciation for the heritage of the area through community pride and a sense of place. The Heritage Crossroads Vision is to protect and promote the historical resources of the region that encompasses portions of Flagler, St. Johns and Volusia Counties within the 98-mile corridor through shared community goals and objectives.