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Volunteers at the Florida Agricultural Museum have located and are reopening a “lost” section of the original Old King’s Road west of US-1 and south of Pellicer Creek. The plan is to reconstruct the road as it looked when it was built around 1770. Once the work is complete, the road will be added to the Ag Museum’s route for tractor tours. This expansion of the tour routes will also include the Walking Trail to the site of Hewett’s Mill which once provided cut lumber used to construct many of the buildings in St Augustine.

This short section of the Old King’s Road is particularly significant because it includes part of the causeway and the double bridges across Pellicer Creek. Visitors will be able to walk out onto the causeway, in the footsteps of the early settlers of the area, and to view the remains of the pilings of the wooden bridges that once crossed both branches of Pellicer Creek.

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