Scenic Driving Tour

Are you ready to step back in time and glimpse how Native Americans and early colonists lived and experienced when they developed their settlements? If so, then get ready for a visit through America’s History along the Heritage Crossroads: Miles of History Heritage Highway. During your travels you will see evidence of Native American tribes, colonial settlement, cemeteries that hold the remains of Flagler County’s founding families, and many examples of historic architecture from the 1800/1900’s. Step inside our historical Museums and let local historians provide stories and photos of what life was like in Florida before the interstate or personal computers. Modern day Florida is remarkably different from how life used to be in this part of the country. Stop at one of the many quaint cafes for some southern style food and hospitality, but don’t forget the sweet tea! We hope you will enjoy your visit.

This tour guide allows you, the visitor, to set your own pace while you experience many of our special heritage resources. This tour offers a small sampling of what our community has to offer.

For a PDF download of this itinerary click here.